I’m going to share with you a personal tactic that has consistently propelled my articles to the pinnacle of Google’s search results. This strategy not only helped me soar from position 57 to position 1 for a high-volume keyword with 2,000 searches per month, but it also ensured that your articles stayed at the top indefinitely. I’ll provide live examples from my own website to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. But before we delve into the strategy, let’s first understand why it works.

Why It Works

When crafting content for optimal performance on Google, the initial step is research. You Google the target keyword and analyze the top-ranking articles. The goal is to create content that surpasses the current number-one article in terms of thoroughness, clarity, optimization, design, and user experience. Essentially, the aim is to be the best and initiate positive change. Now, let’s explore the content upgrade process that ensures your content remains superior.

The Content Upgrade Process

  1. Set Up Quarterly Content Update Audits:
    • Schedule reminders on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st for a content update audit.
    • Utilize a rank tracker (e.g., AccuRanker, Nightwatch) to compare keyword rankings between today and three months ago.
  2. Identify Content for Upgrade:
    • Positive changes in rankings indicate potential content upgrades.
    • Prioritize articles that were previously on page one of Google.
  3. Check Search Intent:
    • Ensure your content aligns with the current search intent.
    • Adapt your content format if necessary.
  4. Optimize for Quick Answers:
    • Google values quick goal completion.
    • Structure your content to provide answers swiftly.
  5. Address NLP (Natural Language Processing):
    • Incorporate the main search query with the word “is” for a clear and NLP-friendly response.
  6. Surfer SEO Re-Optimization:
    • Use tools like Surfer SEO to analyze top-ranking articles in your niche.
    • Adjust your content to align with the latest SEO trends.

Live Demo Results

  1. Affiliate Marketing Forums Article:
    • Issue: the delayed answer to the search query.
    • Resolution: Moved the list of forums to the top.
    • Result: Improved ranking from 13 to 5.
  2. Best Magento Hosting Article:
    • Issue: the delayed answer to the search query.
    • Resolution: Moved the answer to the top.
    • Result: Improved ranking from 12 to 3.
  3. Casino Affiliate Programs Article:
    • Issue: Server optimization, specifically keyword frequencies.
    • Resolution: Surfer SEO optimization.
    • Result: Skyrocketed from 9 to 1.


This content upgrade process ensures that your articles consistently outperform the competition. By strategically updating content based on quarterly audits and implementing SEO best practices, you can achieve and maintain top rankings on Google. Remember to adapt to changing search intent, prioritize quick answers, and utilize tools like Surfer SEO for effective optimization.