How important is keyword research?

It’s a crucial step in SEO. Picking the right keywords will help you achieve your goals in search engine optimization. This is the most important step in SEO. Although keyword research can be difficult, it can also be very exciting.

How do you get started with keyword research that is successful?

Based on my personal experience, I have broken down keyword research into these simple phases:

Phase 1: Industry awareness
Phase 2: The Picking of Tools for Research
Phase 3: The beginning of the research
Phase 4: Making the list of keywords
Phase 5: Think like you are a customer
Phase 6: Send it to your client
Phase 7: Moving on and finishing

Industry awareness:

For keyword research to be successful, it is essential to have a good understanding of the industry and the services your company provides. Start with a cup of coffee, and you will be able to learn more about your company’s business. If you’re working with a client, get to know his goals and what he offers to customers. After he has shared it with you, encourage him to continue the research.

Research tools:

“Which keyword research tool should I use?” This is a common question. For years, I have been using Google AdWords for my research and have always been able to get the best results. However, there are other tools that can be used. Keyword discovery, etc. However, I recommend Google AdWords as a tool. It shows search volume in figures and provides huge data on the keywords.

Start your research with tools

Make sure you look closely at the page before searching for a keyword. Take a look at what the page offers and where it is located. Next, search for the primary keyword. The tool will allow you to give the keywords that are relevant to the term. You can do multiple searches using different primary keywords. Keep track of them all in an Excel sheet.

Make a list of keywords

You can make a list of keywords that you think will be valuable and useful for your business. Separate the keywords, e.g. If you sell consumer electronics, create a section with keywords that relate to corded phones and cordless phones.

Think like a customer

As a customer, think about what keywords you would search for if you were to purchase the exact same product. You can also add keywords to the list.

It is important to send it to your client

To make sure that you don’t miss any keywords, double-check the list and email it to your client.

Moving on and finishing:

After you have received the client’s final list, it is time to start your on-page optimization based on the targeted keywords. Start creating unique and quality content, using meta tags and the key keywords in bold and Headings. Then, start your on-page optimization according to the research.