Hey, everyone! I recently attended Matt Diggity’s SEO conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the SEO capital of the world. While the event itself was fantastic, what struck me the most was the opportunity to connect with top CEOs from around the globe. Instead of just enjoying the conference, I took the chance to interview these experts to bring you insights into their strategies for 2024.

Key Questions:

I delved into two critical questions with these SEO maestros:

What’s changing in SEO strategies for 2024?

How Do They Anticipate the Industry Shifting with SG (Search Gateway) in 2024?

Insights from SEO Gurus:

1. The SG (Search Gateway) Impact:

  • A consensus emerged that SG, expected to replace featured snippets, will integrate into the SERPs, potentially altering up to 60% of search results.
  • Monetization remains a question, but experts believe Google might fully leverage SG, similar to featured snippets.
  • In response, a shift towards diversified search engines, such as Amazon and YouTube, is seen as a strategic move due to high returns and lower competition compared to Google.

2. Evolution of Monetization Models:

  • The landscape is evolving, with a consensus that SEOs need to move beyond just traffic acquisition.
  • Strategies are shifting towards evolving business models by building services, products, and information products. The goal is to increase revenue per visitor, especially with the challenges posed by updates and stringent content requirements.

3. Focus on Expertise and User Engagement:

  • A notable trend is the emphasis on creating content with a higher level of expertise.
  • Internal linking gains importance, with bolded links within content showing increased user engagement, contributing to improved rankings.

4. PR as a Link Building Strategy:

  • An interesting shift is the growing interest in public relations (PR) for link building. This move is seen as a more natural and white-hat approach compared to traditional link-building methods.
  • Leveraging interactive maps and statistic posts for PR outreach is gaining popularity among SEO experts.

5. Adaptability and AI Integration:

  • The theme of adaptability resonates strongly. SEOs are gearing up to swiftly adjust strategies based on algorithm changes.
  • The integration of AI, particularly GPT models, is becoming a standard practice. From content creation to link building, AI is being harnessed for its vast capabilities.

6. Embracing Change and Diversification:

  • The consensus among experts is the need to embrace change and diversify traffic sources.
  • Affiliate marketing, once a go-to for many, is facing challenges, prompting SEOs to explore e-commerce, dropshipping, and even investments in brick-and-mortar businesses.


As we step into 2024, the SEO landscape is poised for significant shifts. Adaptability, creativity, and a strategic approach to content, link-building, and monetization will be crucial for staying ahead in this dynamic industry. Keep an eye on the evolving trends, and remember, the key to success is not just traffic but the ability to transform that traffic into sustainable revenue streams. Cheers to the ever-evolving world of SEO!