{[Updated for 2021] Searching for the best link building services or backlink building company reviews?|[Updated 2021] Looking for the best backlink building services?}

{While some people associate backlink building with spammy SEO tactics, the truth is that backlinks are more important than ever.|Although some may associate backlink building spammy SEO techniques with backlink building, the truth is that backlinks matter more than ever.}

{Today, however, you can only focus on getting backlinks from high-quality websites that are relevant to your business.|However, today you should only be focusing on getting backlinks to high-quality websites relevant to your business.}

{Focus first on the content and the user – an earned editorial backlink should be a natural part of content marketing.|The content and the user should be your primary focus. Earned editorial backlinks should be an integral part of content marketing.}

{Link building is still one of the most important SEO tactics, and one of Google’s most heavily weighted ranking factors.|Link building remains one of the most important SEO strategies and is one of Google’s most weighted ranking factors.}

{Google loves to rank websites that demonstrate expertise, authority, and trust – and if people are willing to link back to your site, Google recognizes that as an authority signal and rewards your web pages with higher search rankings.|Google values websites that show expertise, authority, trust, and Google rewards those who link back to your website with higher search rankings.}

{Quality link building isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, but when it is done properly, it is an extremely effective tactic.|Quality Link Building is not an easy task, but it can be very efficient.}

{We’ve compiled a top ten list of link builders and explain why they are so good at what they do.|We have compiled a list of top ten link builders and explained why they are so great at what they do.}

{And remember, nothing beats your own due diligence.| Remember to do your research.}

{There is an inherent risk when you outsource any digital market service, especially SEO services.|Outsourcing any digital service, particularly SEO services, comes with inherent risks.}

{So do your own homework before engaging any of the following companies.|Do your research before you hire any of these companies.}

{Before we get to the list of best backlink-building agencies, let’s talk about one of the best new link-building tactics in search engine optimization this year!|Before we move on to the top backlink-building agencies let’s discuss one of the most effective search engine optimization strategies this year.}

{What is Link Building?|What is Link Building?}

{Link building is a search engine optimization process of acquiring backlinks (aka hyperlinks) from third-party websites that click back to a page on your website.|Link Building is a process for optimizing search engines by acquiring backlinks (aka links) from third-party sites that link back to your page.}

{There are many ways to build links to your website, and while they vary in difficulty, SEO experts tend to agree that link building is one of the most challenging aspects of their jobs.|There are many methods to get links to your site. While they may vary in difficulty, SEO professionals tend to agree that linking is the most difficult aspect of their job.}

{For that reason, many businesses, as well as digital marketing agencies, hire professional link-building companies to help them with this specific SEO task.|Many businesses and digital marketing agencies hire professional link-building firms to assist them in this task.}

{What is a Link Building Service?|What is Link Building Service?}

{A link-building service is a digital marketing service performed by an experienced SEO consultant or an SEO agency that helps a company acquire backlinks through link-building activities.|An link-building service is a digital marketing service provided by experienced SEO consultants or agencies that help companies acquire backlinks via link-building activities.}

{Link building activities include manual outreach, guest blogging, and broken link building, among other tactics.|Among other methods of link building are guest blogging, manual outreach, and broken linking.}

{What is the Best New Link Building Tactic?|What is the best new link building tactic?}

{The best new link-building tactic is Podcast Guesting which is a marketing tactic whereby a podcast booking service, by way of direct outreach, books you as a guest expert on third-party podcasts.|Podcast guesting is the most effective link-building strategy. This is a marketing tactic that allows a podcast booking service to book you as a guest expert for third-party podcasts.}

{As a result, the podcast guest often earns high-quality, organic backlinks on the host’s website by way of a podcast episode show notes page.|Podcast guests often get high-quality organic backlinks to their website via podcast episode show notes pages.}

{Podcast guesting|Podcast guesting}{is one of the SEO industry’s best-kept secrets.|This is one of the most important secrets in SEO.}

{You can get multiple high domain authority links (on sites with real traffic) from the host’s site for a lower cost than most link-building sites charge per link!|For a fraction of the cost that most link-building websites charge per link, you can obtain multiple links with high domain authority (on sites with real traffic).}

{Since the shows are about you (the guest) there are tons of additional benefits like personal brand building and the organic accumulation of influence and niche authority.|The shows are all about you, the guest. There are many additional benefits such as personal branding and organic growth of influence and authority.}

{The show host also often promotes you in the social media channel and sometimes even email newsletters.|You may also be promoted by the show host on social media channels and occasionally in email newsletters.}

{Learn more about podcast booking services and be sure to check out this link-building/podcast show booking service offered by SEO for Growth.| Find out more about podcast book services, and make sure you check this link-building/podcast booking service offered SEO for Growth.}